A word used only by those who still seek to understand it. For It’s true meaning is ambiguous to those who seek it and clear as day to those in which it manifests. While it may take many forms, manhood man only be truly cultivated when we’ve mustered up the energy to move out of our parent’s house, and move in to an underwhelming yet deeply satisfying middle-market apartment complex. The moment is bittersweet. Some find themselves surprised that the space came with literally no furniture. Others are more concerned with the distasteful carpet stain that can only be solved with a wide rug. The luxury of finally being able to bring a girl back to your own place was once a cause for excitement, but now has you wondering if you should be ashamed for anyone to see the eye-sore you call home. The problem is apparent and a solution is necessary. We are at the solution, and we vow to provide you with all of the essentials that a true bachelor needs.